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What to Expect

At Beach Barre Fitness, we believe that your workout should be effective, fun and challenging.  It's a workout anyone can do because it is low impact, but high intensity, so you will "feel the burn". As you begin to "shake" your body into shape by combining the use of small isolated movements and larger range of motion movements, you will begin to see and feel changes of a lifted seat,  toned abs, arms and thighs, spinal alignment and postural strength and a feeling of wellness and accomplishment.

What to wear at Beach Barre

We require that all participants wear leggings or capri style bottoms. (No shorts)  

Any top is acceptable except No bare midriffs.

Beach Barre Fitness apparel will be available at the studio for purchase.

It is a must to wear STICKY SOCKS to prevent your feet from sliding as well as for sanitary reasons.  Sticky socks are available for purchase at the studio.

You will want to remove your shoes at the lobby of the studio and put on your sticky socks before entering the studio floor.





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