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Frequently asked questions:




What to eat before a work out?


Eating a light meal before a workout is a good idea.  We want you fueled up to work out to your full energized potential.  It would be appropriate to have some fruit, nuts, energy bar or small protien nutritional shake.  Never a heavy meal.  Drinking water before you work out is a good idea also, so you stay hydrated.



Why do I have to drink water during my workout?


Drinking water during the rest phases of the workout is crucial to staying properly hydrated.  Even though it may look easy, it is an intense fat burining workout that will make you prespire lots.  We need to stay hydrated so that the muscles can not fatigue quickly.  Also, one of the factors in muscle cramping during a workout is lack of proper hydration and of course lack of breathing during the workout.  So drink up and breath!


How often do you recommend working out to see results?


To see results, you should do barre classes at least 3-4 times per week.  The workout is designed so that you can do it every day.  The more workouts you can do weekly, the faster the results will be.


What are the advantages of Beach Barre over other types of exercise disciplines?

It’s a good, holistic approach of weight training, resistance training, strength work, isometric work, core conditioning – all rolled into one hour. I haven’t found that in any other workout technique. Beach Barre strengthens every major muscle group and focuses on flexibility through yoga type stretching and therapuetic stretching.And you also get a cardio benefits that will leave you invigorated and breaking a sweat for those after calorie burn effect.


Can the Beach Barre method help with someone recovering from an injury or after a surgery?


Of course if you are under the care of a physician, you will need to get his/her approval to partake in a Beach Barre class.  We have had clients who have come to us after back surgery, knee and hip surgery, rotator cuff surgery, hysterectomey, breast cancer and spinal complications such as herniated disk, and even plantar fasciaitis.  One of our clients has suffered years with Restless leg syndrome and in only a few classes, now has no more episodes and can sleep soundly throughout the night.  Another just came out of months of rehab for her shoulder after a break, and can already feel the classes benefitting the stiffness she had.

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